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Tree felling and removal should only be performed by professionals. Call the experts at ArborTech in Belknap County, NH for a free consultation today!
Wood chipping - Complete Tree Care and Removal Services in Gilmanton, NH
Removal in process - Complete Tree Care and Removal Services in Gilmanton, NH
Tree removal project - Complete Tree Care and Removal Services in Gilmanton, NH
Should you remove that tree?
Here are four simple examinations you can do:
  • Assess the tree location. Is the tree close to your home, garage, shed or power lines? Is the tree blocking the sun from reaching your roof?
  • Examine the branches of the tree. Are there any hanging or dead branches that could fall during severe wind or ice storms? Pruning or cabling could also be an option in these situations.
  • Check for defects. Certain defects or damage to the tree can increase the chances of it falling down or dying.
  • Examine the trees leaves, bark and branches. Does the tree lose leaves early, or does it look discolored or have an appearance of odd nodules? Does the bark have peculiar bumps? Does the overall visual appeal of the tree look compromised? Tree diseases are contagious and you may want to have our certified arborist examine the tree if you suspect disease. Safely remove diseased, dying, or potentially hazardous trees from your property with the tree removal services of ArborTech. Before starting any removal operation, all of the site and tree conditions that may affect the procedures used need to be considered. This includes the surrounding obstructions, terrain, wind direction and magnitude, shape, flaws and lean of tree. Most often trees must be rigged before felling using a climber or bucket truck. Other times they can be felled with wedges and pull lines. This directly correlates with the cost of the tree to be removed. Equipped with an experienced crew, the proper equipment, workers compensation and liability insurance, we are able to handle jobs of all sizes. We respond quickly and are available 24 hours for emergencies.