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Stump Grinding and Removal in Gilmanton, NH

Stump grinding is a noninvasive way to remove unsightly tree stumps. Stump grinding removes the stump by grinding it into fine material. The stump is removed to 8" below grade, which allows for lawn, turf, grass, or other plants to grow where the stump used to be. Here are some common reasons why that stump should be removed:
-Stumps are a blemish on a yard. Looking at a stump is not exactly pleasing or complementary to the landscape.
- When stumps are left behind, they can sometimes cause new sprouts to form, which can cause small new trees to grow around it.
-They are inconvenient and annoying to perform yardwork around. Stumps can be a mowing or weedeating hassle.
-Decaying stumps can draw the attention of wood boring pests, like ants or termites. This can spread to the home over time, something you do not want!
-Stumps can be dangerous trip or fall hazards, especially for your family!
Our Vermeer SC352 stump grinder can remove those unattractive stumps in your yard!
Stumps after tree removal - Complete Tree Care and Removal Services in Gilmanton, NH
Stump Grinder - Complete Tree Care and Removal Services in Gilmanton, NH