Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a noninvasive way to remove unsightly or nuisance trees stumps. It allows the property owner to use the area where the tree once stood for laying sod, planting grass or a flower bed.

Stump Grinding Illustration

Please note we measure the diameter of the stump at the widest point, from where the root flare intersects with the ground (see illustration above). Variables that may affect the price include excessive roots, rocks, and terrain.

Common Questions & Answers

Will my stump decompose? Some tree stumps start to send out shoots in an effort to regrow; they can eventually grow into a new tree instead of decomposing. The stump from an older, larger tree can take 20 years or more to rot and decompose naturally.

What are my options to remove a tree stump quickly? DIGGING requires an excavator, may cause damage to the surrounding area, can be expensive, and cannot be done near structures or hardscapes. GRINDING a stump uses a stump grinder to turn the stump into wood chips, can be done almost anywhere, involves a small mess, and creates a smaller hole than digging.

Want to know more? A stump grinder is a piece of heavy equipment that has a spinning carbide-tipped steel wheel on the front. The grinder is lowered on the stump and, as it moves side-to-side, removes the stump one layer at a time, creating wood chips as it moves down the stump.

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