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Tree and Shrub Pruning and Trimming in Gilmanton, NH

Tree pruning is the most common tree maintenance method because it reduces the potential for tree or branch failure, provides clearance, reduces shade, maintains health, influences flower or fruit production, improves views, and enhances the tree's aesthetics. It is important to understand the biology and basic requirements of trees to undertake because each cut has the potential to change the growth of a tree. No branch should be removed without first establishing clearly defined objectives. Several pruning methods can be used to meet the desired objectives. Pruning goals must consider tree growth and development and the effects on the tree over the long term.
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Pruning Cuts We Use

Thinning cuts are branches cut back carefully to the parent branch or trunk outside of the branch collar, leaving a smooth surface without jagged edges or torn bark. Reduction cuts are made when it is necessary to reduce the length of a limb by cutting it back to a lateral branch. Trees do not respond well to this type of cut, unless it is a healthy tree or a small cut. Heading cuts involves cutting limbs to a stub, bud, or a lateral branch not large enough to assume the dominate role. These types of cuts are generally done on shrubs to stimulate branching.

Heavy Limb Removal Using 3-Cut Method

1st - Undercutting the limb 1-2 feet out from the trunk, this way eliminates peeling or ripping as it is removed.
2nd - Top cutting is made farther out than the undercut allowing the limb to drop more smoothly when the weight is released.
3rd - Final cut is removing the stub just outside the collar of living tissue.

Pruning Methods We Use

Crown cleaning is the selective removal of dead, diseases, or broken limbs. Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches to increase light, improve air movement and structure in the crown. Vista Pruning is pruning to acquire a better or specific view and is done in a way to not jeopardize the integrity of the trees involved. Restoration pruning is done when a tree has been previously cut improperly or has sustained storm damage. In order to maintain healthy, vibrant trees, it is important to prune them while they are young so that they can be “trained”. This promotes good structure and allows the tree to remain aesthetically pleasing in the landscape for years to come.

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